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4 Scuba Diver friends Rajiv, Chinmayi, Parag and Maya start atrip from Mumbai to konkan next day during the scuba dive Chinmayi got lost and suddenly Maya found the floating body of Chinmayi. After asking chinmayi says she saw a ship wreckand a box on it and when she tried touch it, she got a shock. All
friends decide to go to the same location and bring out the box to waada and find a body inside the box. Next day onwards some strange things start happening with them. suddenly Sonia small girl was found dead and police start investigating the cause of Soni's death and asks all 4 friends not to leave waada

without police permission. All friends call a Swami to find a solution. Swami performs Pooja and tells them about the soul
and what she wants. later at the end
while trying to get them free from soul.


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