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Musical Romance Adventure- Feature

In Vedic india, a baby is found in a tree trunk, in the deep forests lining the Malini river in the Himalayas. Sage Kanva finds the baby, being nurtured by ‘Shakunta’ birds and the animals of the forest, by intuitive Perception possessed by Sages such as him, he learns that the baby is the child of a celestial nymph Menaka and Sage Vishwamitra. He decides to take this abandoned child under his wing and nurture her as his own, he gives her the name ‘Shakuntala’. Shakuntala grows up as the Foster child of Sage Kanva, in the beautiful hermitage set on the banks of river Malini where plants, animals and sages live in beautiful harmony, they coexist as equals in a delightful, enchanted atmosphere.

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