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Documentary/ Comedy (Feature)- USA

The Opportunity:
In the fall of 1998, David Seth Cohen was fresh out of college and set out to pursue his dream of working in the film industry. With little luck and after months of searching, David finally got the break he deserved. He was awarded the role of Production Assistant in the costume department for a studio movie shooting in New York City titled "Guy Gets Kid"...or as we all came to know it, "Big Daddy".

David was thrilled. Not only was this a step in the right direction for his career, but it also happened to be starring his hero - Adam Sandler!

Throughout production, there were very few moments where David had any real interaction with the Sandman...until one day when fate came knocking.

David was asked to drop off Adam's suit for the premiere of The Waterboy at the front desk of Sandler's apartment building and then to give his colleague a ride home. What David thought was another typical gopher task soon became a life-changing moment.

Screening: 7 PM, Touchstar Cinemas  
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